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“Why I Support Marsys’ Law and State Question 794”

I want to express support for Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma and its goal of strengthening crime victims’ rights.

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked directly with crime victims, specifically in Cleveland County. I’ve seen first hand the challenge many victims have navigating our legal system trying to pursue justice.

Fortunately, voters in Oklahoma have the opportunity to change our state constitution and give victims guaranteed rights.

Marsy’s Law would add notification in cases when an offender escapes or absconds from probation and parole. It would also give victims a greater voice and standing.

Yes! It’s difficult to hear critics say Marsy’s Law would be too costly. To me, this comes down to helping people whose lives have been upended. Victims never choose to be a victim, but we can support all our citizens affected by crime in the pursuit of justice.

Many of these affected were friends and family so this holds a special place in my heart and it’s mypassion.

I urge all my fellow Oklahomans to get the word out and vote yes on Marsys Law for Oklahoma SQ 794.

Together we can change how victims and their family’s are treated in my boved state.

James K Harrison
Cleveland County Chair
Marsys Law for Oklahoma SQ 794

Why I Support Marsys’ Law and State Question 794”
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